So what is the problem with the ASM's regular diet and exercise routine?
Absolutely nothing, if you want to keep that twenty or more extra pounds, but
that probably isn't why you are checking out this page

The truth of the matter is, we don't want that extra bulge and we want to look
and feel a little better about ourselves. I have listed here a few simple
building blocks as to how we might manage this task with minimal effort. It is
up to you to decide whether you wish to make the changes or keep the
appearance you have today.

Note: The bullets below are one-line summaries from the material in the
Average Single Male (ASM) - Uncovered.

Truths about Diet and Exercise:
Ten Facts about Weight Loss:
  1. Adjust the intake of: fat, red meat, salt, cholesterol, oils/butter, sugar,
    pasta / grains / breads, fruits/vegetables, and water.
  2. Check the calories per serving on processed or canned food.
  3. Forget about fad diets.
  4. Stay away from fast food and favorite restaurants.
  5. Investigate diet supplements.
  6. Drink lots of water.
  7. Dilute fruit juices with equal amounts of water.
  8. Eliminate beer, wine, and hard liquor.
  9. Cheat wisely.
  10. Exercise.

Exercise Suggestions:
  1. Create a clear goal and target to achieve.
  2. Commit to the goal and target.
  3. Plan, but do not over-plan.
  4. Customize the program using the types below:
    a) Endurance program:
    b) Strength training program:
    c) Bodybuilding program:
    d) Include variety.

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