Of course every man should be completely out of his mind with all the swirl
about the opposite sex. Each month magazines inform us of new ways in
which to lure the ladies; relationships and sex, the advice constantly
changes. We aren't chameleons and according to their marketing
department, if we miss an issue we can't friggin compete with Pablo the
plumber down the street. Really, smart ass? Go screw yourself, here it is.

The problem is most guys work or have things to do during the day;
including Pablo but that is for a different discussion. This is the time when
talk shows discuss our lifestyles. Who would know better than a
multimillionaire chatting away on a national network? At the same time when
we can't watch or comment, guess who is benefiting? Women. The female
audience learns about heartache, love, sex, romance, and insights into our
sorry ass lives. Granted, the shows also touch on travel, trivia, gossip, and
politics, but the main focus revolves around relationship issues and how to
bake us into panty cake. Men are now not only confused, but we are not as
educated as our female counterparts.

So what do we do, rebel? No, my friend, we make it real. Here are a few
shorts that will help in the long run. They may not transform every man into a
Casanova or every woman into a Venus, but it might just help you be a
better partner. Good luck!

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