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:: Second Coming of the Average Single Male ::
:: Average Single Male :: by Jim Parker
Who cares about the average single male? Apparently, just about everyone.
We are the butt of jokes in sit-coms, our 30 seconds of fame is fodder for talk
shows, radio programs preach useless advice to us, and entire magazines
target our natural propensity to beat off. Doesn't matter what culture you claim,
if you are a man, you have those urges.

I say screw the so called professionals who continually try to dissect our lives,
what they hell do they know about us? Most guys don't have a six-figure income,
a multi-tiered investment portfolio, PhD, or a lawyer to hide behind when shit
happens. Our daily lives are full of obligations that prevent us from indulging in
a four hundred-page dissertation on improving our debt structure, sex lives, or
diet. As an average Joe, or Jim in this case, I need information that is less time
consuming, inexpensive, and easy to apply. It is that simple.

So here it is, stop wasting your time and your money on worthless advice. For
the ladies, aren't you tired of Cosmo, Glamour, or even Redbook, telling you
men like it when you stick a finger in his ass. WTF is that about? The only finger
that goes in my backside is paid for by insurance. Get this, women don't like it
much either. I was a victim of a Hustler article and the poor girl just about shot
through my windshield. Live and learn, right?

I want to be clear, the book material is meant for both sexes and is intended to
be consumed responsibly on the crapper; it is better than European toilet paper.
The material in my first bathroom reader
Average Single Male - Uncovered is
gently graced between a wonderfully designed splash proof cover. How special?

I do wish to stress two things there, I have committed to donate up to forty
percent of my net proceeds to the American Cancer Society and second, I will
gladly sign it when you find me to beat me down or beat me off; your choice.

Sample Topics:
  • Surveys and Sex
  • Underwear defines you
  • The ASM's perfect companion
  • Rules of Dating
  • PMS
  • Driving under the Influence

As for the rest of the site, the material is in beta with samples for my next
endeavor. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, simply fill out the form
below, I will personally respond to each submission. I welcome your guidance,
honesty, hostility, bitterness, and whatever else you wish to throw this direction;
it doesn't matter, let's just see if it sticks!

Thank you, Godspeed, have a great life, and let's get this party started!

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